Agility, commitment, knowledge.

Our team combines agility, commitment and a technical knowledge of industries to design digital solutions that improve your business results.

Nuestros especialistas combinan agilidad de respuesta, compromiso con el cliente y un conocimiento técnico de su industria.


We offer technical knowledge and experience in three industries: Healthcare, Agri-Food Chain and Smart Cities. We offer insights, propose fresh ideas and agile management models for your operation and business.


We always respond with a good attitude to collaborate with your internal teams and build digital solutions that increase the possibilities for your company. We streamline access to innovative technologies with global strategic partners.


From beginning to end, we accompany our clients in their evolution and change process. We simplify your digital transformation because we understand the challenges of your industry and are always available to support you.


We have a development team that analyzes the existing technologies in your company to design system architecture and connect your data with new applications. We collaborate with your IT team to integrate the systems you have installed


Stakeholder Journey Mapping

With our Stakeholder Journey Maps, we analyze the experiences of players in your value chain to discover areas of opportunity, create maps of data flows and model functional prototypes before proposing or installing any digital solution.

Data and Process Automation

We collaborate with your internal teams to analyze your company's critical data flows and processes. With that information, we propose or design digital solutions that improve your productivity and simplify timely decision-making.

Customized Digital Solutions

We offer an agile team of experts in various technologies and IT systems. We analyze what you already have installed to share insights and develop customized solutions for your processes and business models. If the solution does not exist, we develop it.

Digital Crisis Management

We analyze the impact of risks on your business to detect areas of vulnerability that could affect your business continuity and reputation. We develop the necessary action protocols and install a digital incident and crisis management system.

Strategic Partners

We collaborate with global strategic partners to apply global best practices and technologies in Mexico and Latin America. With this support, our specialized teams reduce prototyping times and the implementation of solutions for your business.

Nuestros equipos especializados combinan agilidad de respuesta, compromiso con el cliente y un conocimiento técnico de industrias..

We Simplify your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is often seen as a maze where the dreams of many companies struggle to become true. Investments in technology that do not produce the expected results.

But, it doesn't have to be this way. The most important thing is to have a clear vision of your business purpose and find the technological path to achieve your specific goals.

Ladibu simplifies and streamlines the your digital transformation process. y agilizamos tu proceso de transformación digital.