About Us

Conócenos hoy mismo. Agilizamos la transformación digital con un conocimiento técnico de Salud, Agricultura y Ciudades Inteligentes.

Digital Healthcare Team

Doctores, especialistas, asesoría legal y regulatoria, 10 años de experiencia en una variedad de empresas del sector salud.

El equipo LADIBU trabaja con absoluta transparencia para recomendar diversas opciones de transformación digital.
Transformación digital en la industria agrícola.

Equipo Agroalimentario

Agronomists, 30 years of experience consulting in Agri-Food chain, with collaboration in industry associations and NGO.

Urbana Tec Team

Engineers and other professionals, 25 years of experience in urban planning and collaboration in digital projects with public and private clients.

La transformación digital mejora eficiencias y resultados.
LADIBU te asesora y acompaña en tu transformación digital.


Technological partners with global reach to be in good hands on the road of digital transformation.

El equipo LADIBU trabaja con absoluta transparencia para recomendar diversas opciones de transformación digital.

We combine knowledge, agility, commitment, and technology to discover new ways to do things. For us, the most important thing is to meet your digital transformation expectations, from beginning to end.

Integramos tecnologías y nuevas formas de hacer las cosas para mantener la salud de tu negocio y reducir tus riesgos. Para nosotros, lo más importante es cumplir con tus expectativas en el proceso de modernización tecnológica, de principio a fin.

Open to All Technologies

At LADIBU we promote all existing technologies with a view to the future of your company or business.

We analyze and adapt to the technological maturity of your business to integrate innovative technologies that build on what you have installed.

Fast Access to Real-Time Data

By installing technologies that optimize interconnections, interoperability, and efficient data flows, you generate value for your business.

This includes operational and communication processes with your stakeholders. Working together, we will generate data sources that help you make better decisions. 

More Efficient Workflows

We know that every digital transformation process is complex. That is why we work with integrated teams and leading technologies to discover the best solution for you.

The adoption of innovative technologies should be part of your business strategy with the goal of obtaining better results. 

La transformación digital muchas veces es vista como un laberinto donde batallan los sueños de muchas empresas.

Avoid the Digital Transformation Maze

Digital transformation is often seen as a maze where the dreams of many companies struggle to become true. Investments in technology that do not produce the expected results.

But, it doesn't have to be that way. The most important thing is to have a clear vision of your business purpose and find ways to simplify and streamline the technological path to achieve your specific digital transformation goals..